Feature Publication: A Gladness in the Eyes

“Tell me something, Hutch,” I ventured. “You look to be of an age where you would remember how things used to be…You know…Before.”

This is a journey to a wondrous and hopefully-not-too-distant future. It is a love story, and much, much more. It shows us a new and very different United States through the eyes of young Alan West, a cryogenically-preserved American time traveler.The advanced technology we encounter is stunning, but even more so is the transformation of economy, politics and culture. As the marvels unfold, and as our hero experiences the possibility of new love, we are fascinated by fresh and sometimes startling ideas—and may find ourselves reconsidering just about everything we always thought we knew.A Gladness…reaffirms our essentially cooperative human nature. It inspires optimism at a time when our species is threatened in so many ways. It answers two enormously important questions: Why have socialist experiments failed thus far in a number of countries? And, why has the transition to a socialist republic in the United States been so problematic?Among the book’s provocative elements, it is established that there is absolutely no contradiction between spiritual faith and authentic, workable socialism.You are about to embark on a sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking literary adventure—so buckle your seat belt. It will be quite a ride!